GPS Tracking

TS20000 GPS Tracker

The TS20000 is a sleek compact device with great tracking capabilities

TS20000 GPS Tracker

The TS20000 is a sleek compact device with great tracking capabilities. It has a 20,000 mah rechargable battery on board. This device has a standby of around 2+ months/6-10 weeks of 1 minute tracking updates.

DIMENSIONS: 3.81″L x 3.34″W x 1.96T

REQUIRES A TRACKING PLAN; 3 month or 12 months plans are available HERE

Due to the nature of GPS Tracking and Lithium Batteries, the following  should be taken into consideration:

Battery life is approximate and can vary greatly due to variables such as drive time, outside temperature at which the battery is operating, cellular service, reporting intervals chosen, etc.  When cellular devices are in an area of low coverage, they will use more power to attempt to find the signals.  ALL Lithium batteries are flammable, and TrackServer or it’s representatives, dealers, etc. can not be held liable due to damages or loss of life that can occur in the event the battery caught fire or exploded.  GPS Tracking is not legal in all jurisdictions; TrackServer, it’s representatives and dealers shall no way be held liable for using these trackers against the law(s) in the jurisdiction in which they are operated within.  The customer is wholly responsible for knowing and understaning the laws in their local.